Why Choose HomeVets?

Why Choose HomeVets?

Individual Attention

HomeVets in-home veterinarian service offers high-quality veterinary care in the comfort of your pet’s own home. With longer appointment times and in-home services, HomeVets provides thoughtful, targeted treatment and considers all factors of you and your pet’s lifestyle. And by seeing your pet at home, HomeVets provides a low-stress experience, ideal for anxious patients.

At prices that are comparable to those of a conventional veterinary hospital, HomeVets doctors apply thoughtful, thorough care, unhampered by the pressure to see multiple clients per hour. Our doctors carefully consider every aspect of your pet’s condition, and develops treatment plans that are designed to meet all of your family’s needs, including busy schedules, budgetary considerations, family circumstances, and environmental factors.

Low Stress, High Quality Medicine

Our veterinarians are able to perform most of the routine care that would be found at a traditional brick and mortar veterinary facility, right in your home, garage, or backyard.

Services include (but are not limited to) vaccines and wellness checkups; diagnosing and treating skin, eye, and ear infections, biopsies, wound care, and minor surgical procedures.

We also offer off-site surgical procedures such as spays, neuters, mass removals, dental cleaning and extractions, and more. Please ask us about getting your pets procedure done.

We are able to provide sedation for animals that suffer from anxiety or aggression when being examined by the veterinarian.

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Not every issue or concern requires an in-person exam by the veterinarian. Luckily, telemedicine makes maintaining your pet’s health easier and more convenient than ever! Telemedicine consultations are available after an initial at-home physical exam. Telemedicine is perfect for things like diagnosing and treating minor ailments and for follow-up appointments.

Federal law requires our veterinarian to maintain a client-patient-veterinarian relationship, which states that the pet must have been seen by the prescribing veterinarian within the last year in order to perform telemedicine consultations.

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