What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Dr. Wolfe and the technician Sarah were absolutely fantastic! I am so grateful to this company and service. My 10 year old pug/daschund mix, Chance, developed an acute condition and we were unable to get an appointment with our previous vet for 3 weeks! HomeVets and Dr. Wolfe literally saved the day. Dr. Wolfe was so thorough, helpful, and provided the care and treatment plan Chance needed. I strongly recommend this service, am so grateful, and looking forward to working with them in the future.

– Tanya L.

Good Morning, I want to thank Dr. Wolfe and Sarah for the outstanding medical service for my cat Cash. Cash became ill and I reached out to HomeVets for help. Dr. Wolfe and Sarah came out to see Cash. Both Dr. Wolfe and Sarah are so professional, Compassionate caring people. I’m so pleased with the care. The service they provide is absolutely in high standards.I could not have gone though this, without Dr. Wolfe and Sarah. Cash and I want to thank them for their care. This is an outstanding organization. I recommend HomeVets, to Pet owners for quality in home care.

– Lee M.

Today’s visit with Dr. Shawn Budge was super convenient (on my porch) and two dogs were checked, a super ferocious creature which he and his assistant handled expertly, and a smaller, sweeter pup. Dr. Budge was thorough, gentle and answered all my questions. I also love the fact that I was able to be right there with my dogs, outside, while socially distanced, and following all COVID19 safety protocols. My dogs’ health is a priority and I am so glad – and grateful – that Dr. Budge was able to see us promptly, and in the comfort of our home.

– Haydee R.

We highly recommend Dr. Budge and HomeVets. Even as new patients, Dr. Budge fit us into his weekend schedule and helped us to peacefully say goodbye to our cat. His kindness and professionalism made a sad day less difficult. His calm demeanor also put our very nervous dog at ease. What a wonderful service HomeVets offers to the community.

– Emma F.

Shawn made the whole experience safe, reliable and informative. One of our cats had been peeing around the house and we needed to get to the root of the problem. Shawn was very up front about all of our options and all possibilities that may arise. Having 2 young kids made this the perfect option for our household as it allowed everything to remain as comfortable as possible. We’ll be contacting Shawn again with any other issues we have with our pets.

– Stephen B.

I never write reviews but find it necessary to do so for Dr. Budge and team. You brought selflessness and compassion that will forever stay with me in my Papaya’s time of need. I’ll never forget the peace you were able to bring to her after a long life lived. You’re angels to me. Thank you.

– Paula M.

WOW! From the outset to the end, I had an absolutely wonderful experience!!!! I was able to make an appointment very quickly and had a wonderful conversation with the office manager. The visit itself went very smoothly and didn’t feel rushed at all.

I am SO SO impressed with Dr. Budge and this company overall! My cat had a wonderful, mostly stress free visit today and Dr. Budge was so knowledgeable, patient (with my moms 202039 questions) and honest. He TRULY cares and isn’t just opportunistically suggestions expensive treatments. It was such a breath of fresh air! I will be booking with this company only from now on!


– Lena D.

Macaroni and Cheese are grade A scaredy-cats, so we decided to try a home visit. Dr. Wolfe was absolutely amazing- she was able to give them check ups and vaccines with as little fuss as possible. They even have this Snuggie contraption to help calm particularly scared cats- Cheese was able to get a full exam and no one got hurt. I also love that she was able to take the time and talk diet, look at and analyze the nutrition on their food, and give some great alternatives. I felt really listened to and absolutely recommend HomeVets to anyone who is interested- you won’t regret it.”

Cori B.

“Dr. Budge is absolutely amazing! I am a travel nurse from Florida and Dr. Budge came right out when I had an emergency with my pups! I am thankful to have a reliable vet while we are away from home. :)”

– Kimberly W.

Dr Budge was professional, courteous and kind. He spent 2 hours treating our very difficult dog, answering our many questions and making recommendations. The best vet experience we have had. I highly recommend Dr Budge.

– Kip B.

Dr. Wolfe has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my pup.

My Margie is a 7 yr old pitpull rescue – who is the sweetest of angels in the home – and super aggressive to other dogs outside of the home. Managing the stress (for us both) in a vet’s office was difficult.
When I looked online for alternatives and found HomeVets, I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Wolfe. Margie had some lumps/lipomas that were getting concerning and I knew I needed to get them taken care of.
Dr. Wolfe is the most amazing caregiver. She came to my home for the appointment – which was wonderful. She performed a regular wellness visit with bloodwork and then we made plans for the surgery to remove the tumors and epulis in Margie’s mouth.
The day of the surgery, I did have to drop Margie off at the hospital, but care was given to reduce interaction with other dogs. Dr. Wolfe called me mid surgery to assure me everything was going well. Then I picked up Margie later in the afternoon.
Dr. Wolfe was so attentive to all my questions during the post-surgery phase (despite her very thorough aftercare instructions!)
She visited my home one more time for vaccine boosters and to remove the sutures.
I’m so so so glad Home Vets is a thing! And I highly recommend Dr. Wolfe if you have a pet who needs care. She is really off-the-charts fabulous.

– SaraBeth D.