About Us

About Us

After years spent working in conventional brick-and-mortar veterinary clinics, Dr. Shawn Budge decided that there must be a better way to care for his patients. His desire to provide pets and their owners with thoughtful treatment plans in a low-stress environment, without the pressure to see multiple patients each hour, prompted him to develop the HomeVets model.

HomeVets offers high-quality veterinary care in the comfort of your pet’s own home. With longer appointment times, and in-home service, HomeVets provides thoughtful, targeted treatment and considers all factors of you and your pet’s lifestyle. And by seeing your pet at home, HomeVets provides a low stress experience for both owner and patient.

At prices that are comparable to those of a conventional veterinary hospital, HomeVets applies thoughtful, thorough care tailor made to meet the demands of your lifestyle. Dr. Budge carefully considers every aspect of your pet’s condition, and develops treatment plans that are designed to meet all of your family’s needs, including busy schedules, budgetary considerations, family circumstances, and environmental factors.

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Dr. Budge with Sadie during an at-home exam.