HomeVets’ Holiday Gift Giving Guide is Here!

The Holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking of the ones you love. Holiday shopping can be tough, especially this year, so HomeVets decided to put together two gift guides: a list of our favorite gifts for your four legged companions, and a second list for the pet-loving humans in your life! We focused our holiday gift search on locally owned businesses, so below you will find lots of options to choose from that will put a smile on everyone’s face, all while supporting our local community. Additionally, many of these are products used by HomeVets’ own Dr. Budge and his family on a regular basis. Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays from HomeVets! 

HomeVets’ Five Favorite Gift Ideas for your Pets:

  1. Dog Advent Calendar: Give your pooch the joy of your favorite childhood Christmas tradition with an advent calendar made just for them! Don’t wait– the calendars are available starting on November 23rd. Shop at Dogs of Charm City.
  1. Churu Chicken and Tuna Cat Treats: These are Dr. Budge’s go-to treats when he is visiting his kitty patients. Give your Kitty the HomeVets cat treat of choice, available online at  Howl pet supply store, a Baltimore pet supply shop located in Hampden!
  1. Buoyant dog toys by BAYDOG: These floating toys designed for water are perfect for water loving dogs on those hot summer Maryland days down by the bay or in the swimming pool! Shop toys at the BAYDOG online store.
  1. Lion Launcher Flying Catnip Cat Toy: Use the attached rubber band to send this catnip filled toy flying and give your cat something to chase, pounce at, at and fetch! Provides stimulation and fun for indoor cats. Available online at Howl pet supply store.
  1. Outward Hound Dog Treat Maze Puzzle: Is your dog one smart cookie? Lots of clever dogs need mental stimulation! If your dog is bored, offer them a puzzle to occupy their minds. If this particular puppy puzzle isn’t to your liking, Howl has lots of options available. Shop Online.

HomeVets’ five favorite Gifts for Dog and Cat Lovers:

  1. Gift certificate for grooming, walking, or pet sitting from Happy Dogs, Baltimore’s premier dog services company: This pet service company provides reliable, safe, and high quality service to pet owners across Baltimore. Give your pet loving friend the gift of excellent customer service and pet care! Happy Dogs boutique in Fells Point is about to open, so be sure to visit them, located right on the waterfront at 911 St. Anne Street! Visit their website for contact information and to learn more!
  1. Banjo’s Bows: A blossom or bowtie will keep your dog or cat looking their best this holiday season Banjo’s Bows is a locally owned business, and they even sell masks so you can match with your fluffy friend! Shop at Banjos Bows online store.
  1. Dog Koozie, by Dogs of Charm City: Keep your beverage chilled and let everyone know that you’re a dog person with these charming koozies, available in standard and slim-can size! This locally owned, Baltimore pet supply company has lots of other fun offerings for dog lovers, so be sure to check out all of their offerings in their online shop.
  1. The Doggie Lift: Dr. Budge’s go-to product for dogs who struggle against nail trims. The Doggie lift holds your dog for you while you trim or dremel their nails, and it has a relaxing effect so that dogs are often less anxious and are more still while you give their paws a pedicure. Shop their online store.
  1. The Mud Buster: Winter time doesn’t just mean holiday festivities; it also means dirty paws from mud and slush. If you’re tired of dirty towels from wiping your dog’s feet, or you don’t have a convenient place to wash their paws, the Mud Buster is a great Solution! Give this nifty device to your favorite dog parent to make cleaning up after their outdoor romps a cinch! This is a Dr. Budge family favorite! Available from the Mud Buster online store.

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